A student of Polytech Chambéry, France, Mr. Francois Conoir shared his knowledge on ‘The Steps of A Construction Project in France’ with students of Postgraduate Study of Law, Universitas Internasional Batam on 18 May 2019. This activity was also attended by the Postgraduate Study of Law alumni and lecturers. The Head of Postgraduate Study of Law, Dr.Rina Shahrullah stated that the aims of knowledge sharing is to enhance the UIB students’ knowledge regarding construction projects in French and to ascertain what regulations and policies are imposed on the project contractors. On this occasion, Mr.C onoir explained about the mandatory requirements that must be met by French contractors prior and after the projects. UIB students also shared their knowledge regarding what terms and conditions must be integrated by parties of a construction project in their contract. They also informed the type of construction projects in Batam City which involve the local government and private sector. The discussion between UIB students and French student was very significant to give insights for the UIB students who are going to draft a construction contract as a fulfilment of the subject on Business Law and International Commercial Contract.